722. Ice Flowers


Black granite 80 x 30 cm
Front surface and sides polished, back surface sawn


Ice flower socle, stainless steel


Aluminium surname, engraved and silver-painted given names, font Elegant/President


25 x 40 cm, top surface polished


The price of a gravestone includes one name, a base stone, transportation, installation, and a 2-year adjustment warranty.

The gravestone’s size, decoration, and other details can be customised. Click the button below, request a quote, and write your wishes on the request-a-quote form. We will respond to your request for a quote and the price will be determined based on the changes.

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722. Ice Flowers

The Ice Flowers gravestone features a stainless steel decoration as thick as the stone itself. The decoration adds air and provides good contrast with the dark stone.