911. Birds on Oak Tree


Black granite 90 x 50 cm
Front surface polished, sides and back surface sawn


An engraved, gilded, and partially painted bird decoration


Engraved and gilded


Sawn 25 x 60 cm


The price of a gravestone includes one name, a base stone, transportation, installation, and a 2-year adjustment warranty.

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911. Birds on Oak Tree

“Birds on Oak Tree” is designed by artist Vilma Metteri.

“When designing the bird gravestones I wanted to create a picture for the gravestones that would allow comfort to overcome tears of grief. Bird imagery is a nod to a strong tradition in Finnish folk poetry, which depicts birds as seasonal guides and messengers, accompanying people. Birds are also associated with many beliefs and myths; we talk about spirit birds and dream birds, which fly alongside a person’s soul.

The little bird on the bird gravestones can take messages from a loved one up into the heavens, as it is thought to fly between worlds. The presence of two little birds on a gravestone provides comfort, as you never have to be alone.

The oak birds sit on the branches of an oak, which brings happiness. The oak is traditionally held to be the world tree, which forms a bridge between the realms of the living and the dead.”

– Vilma Metteri –