874. Kalla


Spectrolite 80 x 55 cm
Front surface and sides polished, back sawn


Chrome-plated bronze “Kalla”


Chrome-plated bronze surname, engraved and silver-painted given names


Base stone with a cut-out for flowers 55 x 70 cm

874. Kalla

The Kalla gravestone is a gravestone to honour Kivilähde’s 30 year anniversary. It was designed by Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen and it is part of the Kalla product family.

The Kalla range is a new, stylish arrival to the Finnish funeral tradition. Designer Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen drew inspiration for the range from the smooth lines and minimalist shape of the arum lily, known as “Kalla” in Finnish.

The product family includes a coffin, urn, a memorial ornament, a memorial necklace, and a gravestone.  The chromed bronze Kalla ornament begins its journey at the funeral ceremony, attached to the coffin. From there, it continues its journey attached to the urn after cremation, and then it is mounted on a base to be kept by loved ones as a commemorative ornament. The same Kalla decoration acts a symbol for the gravestone and the memorial necklace.

Kalla products can be ordered separately or as an entire range. The products are available from funeral homes all over Finland. The Kalla coffin and urn are manufactured by SHT-Tukku.