Stone as a material


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Stone is considered to be a material that embodies the permanence of memories. The colour of the stone can also affect the overall appearance of a gravestone. Nowadays there are plenty of beautiful colours to choose from to give a gravestone some character. We primarily use Finnish types of stone to make gravestones. Remember that stone is a natural material and variations in colour and patterning are normal.

Lilac Pearl

Lilac Pearl is a dark, patterned type of stone that tends towards a burgundy colour. Light quartz strips occur in places in the stone. Lilac Pearl is quarried from Rautavaara.

Silver Green

Silver green is a medium-grey, flecked type of stone. The flecks are highly variable. Silver Green is quarried from Varpaisjärvi.

Diamond-brushed Silver Green

Diamond-brushing gives Silver Green a beautiful matte, natural finish and a slightly uneven surface structure. The variable flecked pattern gives each monument a unique appearance. Silver text and decorations are an excellent match for diamond-brushed Silver Green, but gold also goes well with this stone.


The Aarni type of stone combines dark green and brown tones with shiny, bluish flecks in between. The pattern is largely even, so the overall appearance of the stone is calm. Aarni is quarried from Kiuruvesi.


A coarse-structured dark-grey or black gabbro with characteristic blue-green crystals of various sizes. Spectrolite is a Finnish type of rock.

Dark Labrador

A Norwegian type of rock. A dark and greenish type of stone with crystals that glimer in the light.

Light Labrador

A Norwegian type of rock. A bluish-grey stone with crystals that glimmer in the light.

Red Gneiss

A patterned stone with red and black veins, commonly used in monuments. The veins vary, giving each gravestone a different texture.

Vehmaa Red

An even-grained, medium-red type of stone. The grain is slightly denser than in the Taivassalo Red granite.

Taivassalo Red

An even-grained, red type of stone.

Black granite

A black, fine-grained type of stone with an even quality.

Ristijärvi Grey

An even-grained, grey type of stone. The grain is slightly larger and features more contrast than the Kuru Grey granite.

Kuru Grey

An even-grained, grey type of stone. Kuru Grey has a finer grain and less variation than the Ristijärvi Grey granite.

The Gravestone Guide contains lots of tips on choosing and maintaining a gravestone. It explains the history of gravestones in more detail and describes the types of stones and their features. The Gravestone Guide also features a collection of topical articles and news.

Maintenance instructions

Maintenance instructions

Stone is a beautiful, valuable material that lasts almost forever. The stones used for funeral monuments have significant sentimental value, for which reason certain representativeness is required. Regular stone maintenance procedures should be carried out on each visit to the grave.
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Parish guidelines and regulations

Parish guidelines and regulations

We at Kivilähde will help you to find a suitable gravestone, and we will obtain the necessary permits from the parish before delivering and installing the gravestone.
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Decorations and symbols

Decorations and symbols

A life well-lived can be described using various symbols. Read our tips on how different decorations are added to gravestones.
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Lantern gravestones

Lantern gravestones

A lantern adds atmosphere to a gravestone. Browse our range of lovely lanterns.
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